Providing counseling and educational services, and support groups

at affordable costs to the local community


Individual therapy makes up the bulk of the Center's current outreach including people with anxiety, depression, grief, life transition problems, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, personal growth issues, learning disabilities, spiritual guidance needs, etc.
The staff at the center is trained to offer a variety of approaches to address differing lifestyles and value systems, when a potential client calls the center he/she is connected with a counselor who will offer the expertise needed. The clinician draws on his or her life experiences, training, and the capacity to be eclectic in orientation.

An additional office is available in Rancho Santa Fe which is run by Dr. Pamela Laidlaw, licensed Psychologist, who works with couples experiencing difficulties, families out of harmony, and children and teenagers who are not adjusting well.

A sliding scale is offered to clients with limited resources

Dr. Rodiger and center clinicians are available to give workshops, speeches and seminars for community organizations, clubs, churches and professional groups on a variety of psychological topics.

Some of the topics Dr. Rodiger speaks on are:

  • death and dying
  • mid-life crisis
  • eating disorders
  • learning disabilities
  • parenting
  • integration of religion and psychology
  • anxiety
  • harmony in relationships
  • developmental issues
  • Gestalt therapy
  • sorting the unconscious from the Holy Spirit
  • diagnosing early damage in personality formation
  • mother and infant bonding
  • neurotic locks in relationships
  • spiritual issues
  • living the Christian life